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Coaches, consultants and solo business owners who want to be a financial success.

Your purpose is to create a successful business, make a difference, and support your lifestyle. Not get stressed out, feel alone and put holes in your bank account.

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By me, Phylecia Jones! Business, budgeting or living the solo entrepreneur life, I am here to help.

No judgement. No shame. You don’t have to figure out money alone. Get money advice to bridge the gap between managing business and personal finances.

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To help you not say “I'm not good with money” or asking “Where do I start with a budget?”

Financial education is not just for kids. Get the knowledge you have been looking for so that you can be a successful entrepreneur and live out your dreams!

Your ability to successfully manage your solo business and personal finances

Comes down to you living your lifestyle with a profitable business… or always feeling two steps behind.

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“I now look at my cost differently and realize the necessity to include my salary as a part of my budget. I am in business to provide for my family and change my home life.”

Author's nameMelissa Cyrus, Independent Stylist & Consultant

“It's great to really sit down within my business and get a true sense of how we're doing. There is a lot that goes into being successful but it will help make me a better business person.”

Jacki Cox, Performance & Creativity Coach

“I've been in business six years and took the leap from solopreneur to employing help to manage the daily operations of my business. I found Phylecia's class invaluable and necessary.”

Donna Galassi, Founder of Blue Zenith Digital Agency

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