As a speaker, a podcast can be your best leveraging tool to getting on more stages...

do not miss out on an opportunity to expand your authority and increase your revenue.

  • Step-by-step details on how to land speaking gigs with your podcast

  • Learn the benefits of podcasting for speakers

  • Break down the many ways speakers can profit from podcasting

Inside the Course

  • 1

    Presentation & Welcome

    • Welcome to this Mini-Course

    • Leveraging Your Podcast to Land Speaking Gigs and Gain Followers

  • 2

    Launch, Leverage and Land Speaking Gigs with Your Podcast

    • The Benefits of Podcasting for Speakers

    • How Speakers Can Profit from Podcasting

    • Landing Speaking Gigs with Your Podcast

    • The Non-Glamorous Side of Podcasting... Consistency

    • Turning Your Live Stream into a Podcast

  • 3

    Additional Resources

    • INTERVIEW: Podcasting, Speaking and Opportunities with Podcast Websites Co-Founder, Mark Asquith

    • LIVE STREAM: Tools, Tech and Wrapping Up Podcast Week

    • Equipment

    • Podcast Websites

  • This mini-course is a video replay series from the Ask the Budgetologist live stream and podcast show published in 2018.

  • The included presentation is a replay from the 2019 She Podcasts Conference in Atlanta, GA.

  • This course includes 5 video modules that equal over 4 hours of learning material.

  • There are no refunds after purchase.