Even though you love helping and giving, there is a better way to share without feeling as if you are giving everything away for FREE!

In this session, discover how to monetize these requests by incorporating:

  • Screening processes to weed out the "tire kickers" vs motivated prospects

  • A process that will lead to a paid booking without appearing "rude"

  • How to give, and answer questions, without giving away everything

  • Backend systems to manage time, scheduling and efficiency

  • Effective ways to gently "say no" or how your time can be best used with advice

Grow your business and speaking career with the entire workshop series

9 Sessions. Over 9 Hours.

From getting on more stages to growing your business as a speaker. Get more to achieve your goals.
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  • This workshop is a video replay from the 2021 Summer Workshop Speaker Series from iFind You Close

  • This workshop includes one video session delivered by Phylecia Jones

  • No. There are no refunds after purchase.