Step-by-Step Guide to Landing Your Next 5 Speaking Gigs

When it comes to speaking, especially for bigger audiences, you are planning 6-8 months out. Planning now, positions you for opportunities in the late Summer and Fall... and speaker coordinators have already filled their calendars, but there are MANY opportunities out there if you know where to look... and HOW to look!

  • Organize your calendar to search and pitch consistently

  • Building a media kit to get in front of the RIGHT people fast

  • Where to search and how to search for speaking gigs efficiently

  • Crafting a personable pitch strategy so you won't get ignored

  • How to gather and promote the assets that will get you booked over and over again

Public speaking is the #1 fear of most people... and 75% of business owners fall into that category

Speaking is a skill that can be learned and if you are willing to do what the 75% won't... You will give your business a competitive edge, build authority in your industry, and keep your calendar filled with opportunities to share your message.

Maureen... 4 speaking gigs within 3 weeks of finishing the class.

"Well done Phylecia! You broke it down into a one bite at a time structure!"

~ Sally Wurr
Small Business Owner & Aurthor

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If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do some work, this training class is for you!

I will give you all of the secrets I have used, researched, been coached on... and some new tricks I am learning to get people to say YES. This is not a theoretical training that is setting you up for a long term coaching program. NOPE! The call to action is for you to invite me to your first big gig! We will get hands on so that you can walk away with:

  • A list of 21... yes 21... potential organizations that have your audience

  • How to 'woo' the speaker coordinator vs making them avoid you

  • The assets that will get you recommended to the next gig

  • How to craft your content to take advantage of other people's platforms

  • Your strategy to pitch your first 10 before the end of the year!

  • A simple and repeatable process that you can follow to keep your calendar filled

Finding speaking opportunities is 'kinda' easy. Getting people to say yes... not so much!

Over the last 3 years, I have had to craft my way to get in front of certain audiences. From sending gifts, staying top of mind, re-imagining my presentations, to showing 'proof' that my content was worthy. It was not easy and it took a lot of work. What I learned was, I needed to be consistent with my speaking craft, always looking for opportunities, and positioning myself in front of the RIGHT people. After 3 years, I have learned some amazing tricks that people charge THOUSANDS of dollars for... and guess what? It's not rocket science, it's just a little bit of hard work.

The course is perfect for...

  • Speakers Who Need More Gigs

    Who are ready to upgrade their pitching strategy in order to get more engagements on the calendar.

  • Solo Business Owners

    Who are ready to upgrade their pitching strategy in order to get more engagements on the calendar.

  • Consultants

    Who want to move from behind the microphone and share their message with a live audience.

  • Business Coaches

    Business coaches actively building their clientèle

  • Life Coaches

    Who are ready to upgrade their pitching strategy in order to get more engagements on the calendar.

  • Authors

    Who are ready to upgrade their pitching strategy in order to get more engagements on the calendar.


  • Phylecia Jones

    Master Budgetologist & Trainer

    Phylecia Jones

    As the CEO of Keep Up with Mrs. Jones LLC, Creator of Budget School, a premier business financial education platform, and Host of the daily morning show Ask the Budgetologist, Phylecia Jones is the savvy go-to budgeting nerd, international speaker, and trainer. After serving as a civilian Scientist and Engineer for the US Navy, Phylecia launched her skills into changing the world one budget-at-a-time and is now opening the door for many solo entrepreneur coaches and consultants to have that must needed wake-up call to get serious about managing money. Since being a money nerd is not enough, Phylecia's life has included traveling the world, being a professional cheerleader, 100hrs towards being a yacht captain… and achieving an eclectic list of random cool things!